Part 1: EXCLUSIVE! An Interview with DRACULA: Human’s Blood Evolution.

“You have been quite busy, thank you for having me. Do I have undivided attention for the next sixty minutes?” I asked Dracula just ten minutes before the live broadcast.

“Sure, you will have my undivided attention for the next sixty minutes. Your heart beat is strong, I can smell your blood is quite healthy. You have been eating well and healthy, haven’t you?” Dracula cringed and his face was full of lust of blood.

The camera was rolling and live streaming was in progress.I was scared and very uncomfortable in front of Dracula’s presence. There was a mystical energy surrounding the people in the studio which gave every single one of us a strong goosebump. We were at the mercy of him. If he decided to attack all of us in the studio–Even with a hundred strong armed forces on guard, they might not be able to stop him

“Ahem,” I cleared my throat to ease my nervousness.
“Let us start by saying, Thank You for agreeing to meet with me in your such busy schedule. And I wanted to state to the audience that you are four thousand years old and willing to share with us your long journey that no man in the world has ever experienced. Clearly you have seen the rise and fall of empires, hundreds of wars and revolutions. Can you enlighten us a little bit about your experience?”

“I can talk for hours about anything and many won’t comprehend. Let’s start from what you want to know?” Dracula smirked creepily.

“Okay, let’s talk about blood. I know that you drink blood as your staple food. What can you tell us about the human blood–from the first time you’d drunk it, compared to the human blood as of now?

“The year is 2057 B.C. it was the first time I drank human blood from the neck vein. It was so good and delicious. It was like a flavorful vanilla ice cream–refreshing! I enjoyed it so much.”

“Is it still refreshing and delicious now? You have been drinking human blood for more than four thousand years, don’t you ever get bored and would like to try something else, such as human food?”

“Every human’s blood tastes different from one another. Some taste like Ramen soup, chicken soup, beef broth but the majority of human’s blood now just totally stinks. You wouldn’t believe me if I say many now taste like lead and metal rust. You are what you eat! I can attest to that. I’ve been roaming around the world, and let me tell you the best taste of human’s blood was  that in the past– from 2057 B.C. to 1945 A.D. and after that human blood tastes totally different. Very chemical and greatly altered. I almost committed suicide in 1945 after world war 2  because I could not stand it anymore. My staple food has been greatly contaminated with human made chemicals”. 

“Wow! I didn’t expect that– really, a count Dracula was about to commit suicide in 1945 because human’s blood taste altered so much. Or were you just feeling tired and bored of living too long?”

“Do I look tired and bored right now?” Dracula smiled and his eyes lit up as if he was sharply focusing on my neck’s jugular vein. “I’ve adapted and gotten used to filthy and contaminated human blood after 1945. But I am optimistic, as long as there is no nuclear destruction, humans can reverse these blood degradation trends.” He seemed cautiously optimistic.

“What an insight, now let me ask two very interesting questions in response to your statements. What happened after 1945 and what is your optimism about the future of mankind?” I asked.

“I never know whatever really happened in 1945, why were the taste and nutrition of human blood so different from  before. I am not into researching what happens to what food chemical has been added massively in your daily diet? I adapt to it. My optimism about human’s health comes from technological trends. I am four thousand years old  and I can profile the future”.

Darcula kept talking passionately, “Humans are now advancing in understanding about their body and how it responds to chemicals and enzymes. These changes in response to any reaction are measured, sensed and recorded by sensors. More sensing technology will also help to understand real-time changes in our body– therefore they should be able to control it”.

“Did the changes of human blood chemically affect you?” I was excited to know more.

“Yes, of course! I used to smell human blood with a great appetite. Now I would rather drink animal blood, they are very consistent with their diet,” Dracula was pissed off.

“Does it mean we are safe from you?” I asked carefully.

“No. You are not safe. Humans are still my main diet, the blood came with the rich soul that no animal has. It’s the complexity that makes human blood so delicious. You smell like a person who is taking care of your diet, aren’t you?” He looked at me and his tongue swept over his lips.

“What level of chemical or altered taste of human blood would you consider undrinkable?” I chased for a closure.

“When a human is dead, the blood is only good for the next three minutes. I have to have a big gulp quickly, or it can be very toxic for me.”

This is Irwan Hartanto with BSMT channel and we will be right back with part two after these messages. Stay tuned!

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